How to Make Space on Your iPhone


How to Make Space on Your iPhone

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Even though the most popular iPhones have 64 GB of storage or more, users still run out of room. When your storage is close to capacity, it can cause your mobile device to slow down substantially. Even everyday features on your iPhone can take up a great deal of space. Thankfully, there are ways to make space on your iPhone that won’t require you to remove the things you care about.

5 Ways to Make Space on Your iPhone

Are you continually dismissing “Storage Almost Full” notifications? Learn how to manage storage on your iPhone with these five tips.

  1. Delete Apps You Don’t Use To keep unwanted apps from piling up on your home screen, start using the “Offload Unused Apps” feature. With the feature on, your phone will automatically delete little-used apps whenever your storage runs low. Your information won’t be lost, however, since the data in the apps are saved. If you decide you need the app later, download it from the App Store again, and it will restore to its previous state.
  2. Get Rid of Music You Don’t Listen To Downloaded music can quickly accumulate loads of space in your storage. Do you have quite a few songs that you don’t listen to anymore? Go ahead and delete them! To save even more room, switch to a streaming app like Spotify or Apple Music. This way, you can listen to all the music you want and create playlists without taking up valuable storage space on your phone. Keep in mind, streaming music when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi can use a sizable amount of data.
  3. Delete Old Messages An effortless way to free up storage on your phone is to go back and delete some of your old messages. If this is something you think you may forget about, have your phone automatically delete your message history after a set period. To do so, go to “Settings App” > “iMessages” > “Keep Messages”. You can choose to have your text messages automatically deleted after 30 days or one year.
  4. Check Out your Photos and Videos Pictures and videos take up a surprising amount of data. By deleting duplicate images or videos in your Photos App, you can increase your storage space. Removed a bunch and still not seeing that much space? They’re likely in your “Recently Deleted” folder, which stores images for 30 days. The good news is, you can go through and clear them from this folder to free up space immediately. If you’ve deleted duplicates and still don’t have enough free space, consider offloading the photos you love onto another service. For users with a Google account, Google Photos is a great way to save images without taking up storage. Alternatively, you can upload pictures directly to your computer and delete them from your mobile device afterward.
  5. Clear Your Browser Cache Another simple way to make more room in your iPhone storage is to clear your browser cache. Depending on what internet browser you use, the exact process can vary. Generally, you’ll find it under your browsing history settings. Clearing the cache will delete leftover data from website visits, and can free up a lot of space. Doing this can also help with website behavior issues.

If you’ve tried all of these quick fixes and your iPhone is still moving too slow, contact your closest store. Our technicians provide high-quality, affordable repair services for most iPhone issues. We have the tools to get your phone running at full speed, regardless of the make or model.

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